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Mature content
The Human And The Dragon :iconilbv:ilbv 84 33
A Fateful Encounter (Dragon/Soft Vore) (Part 6)
WARNING: Contains reverse vore (Vorarephilia) for example spitting out, and emotional scenes.
Drake had almost mad it to mine and my parents house when it was the next day. I was fast asleep in his stomach. Unfortunately for us, my parents were sitting together enjoying the view of the sunrise in the front garden. If Drake lands there, my parents would freak out and alert the other villagers there. "Psst! James! Wake up!" Drake said. I woke up in an instant and stretched. "What is it Drake?" "It's your parents...they're in the front garden watching the sunrise" Then i remembered something i was so dumb for even forgetting. I also promised I'd meet my family in the front garden early morning. I WAS SO DUMB! "Shoot. Regurgitate me. I gotta go to them and explain about you and Nina" "I have a better idea" I felt drakes body landing and then it went through my head. Drake was going to show himself to my parents, and worse, regurgitate me in front of them!! I was about to freak out. My mum
:iconkeoboost:Keoboost 15 10
A Fateful Encounter (Season 2 Part 5)
WARNING: Contains soft vore, sadness, digestion. If you do not like vore (Vorarephilia) I suggest you leave...NOW.
I woke up to find myself still in Ninas stomach. I was considering making this place my home. "So, you're awake James" Nina asked. "Yeah, i am" I replied. "Good" She said. Then j felt tingling. I looked at my skin to see it started to dissolve in the acids. "
N-N-NINA?! WHATS GOING ON?! I'M DISSOLVING!!" I screamed. "Dont worry, you'll still be alive, perfectly healthy infront of me when i'm done digesting you thanks to dragon magic" I calmed down at that because i could always trust Nina. I watched my body dissolve more and more as i was being digested then i blacked out. Then almost instantly i woke up right infront of Nina. "Am i alive?" I asked. "You sure are James. I'd never hurt you." She said. I gave a sigh of relief. She did tell the truth and i was happy.
Drake was in a forest when he found a lone boy crying. The boy said "Mother...father...i know you
:iconkeoboost:Keoboost 12 6
A Fateful Encounter (Season 2, Part 4)
WARNING: Contains Soft vore (Vorarephilia). If you do not like soft vore, i suggest you leave... NOW.
Later that day i was doing some house chores and i could tell Nina was getting bored, because every time i passed a window, she always looked so bored. My next chore was washing the dishes, and the sink was right in front of the window. I was just about to start when i heard tapping on the window. Ninas claw. I slid the window open. "Hi Nina" I said. She gave me a bored look and i knew at that moment that she wanted fun. "I know what you want but I'm busy with chores right now" She grabbed me with her tail, gently pulled me out the window then picked me up with her claws unwrapping her tail. Then i felt her tongue go up my back and I slid straight into her maw, then she shut her maw behind me as i entered. "Screw chores! I'm bored and i want to spend time with you. She doesn't take long and gives a large gulp instantly sending me down her esophagus and i plopped straight into her stoma
:iconkeoboost:Keoboost 12 5
A Fateful Encounter (Season 2, Part 3)
WARNING: Contains soft Vore (Vorarephilia). If you do not like Vore, i suggest you leave...NOW.
The next morning, mum woke up and came outside to the back garden, seeing the three dragons sound asleep. I told her about Ace, and she was quite happy for having a third member. She walked up to Nina and softly rubbed her belly, knowing i was inside. I felt the soft rubs push against me and woke up. "*Yawn* Nina? Was that you?" "No, its me" Mum said. "Oh! Mum! Eheh, is dad awake? and did you have a good nights sleep?" I said. "He moved a bit when i got out of bed, but i think he is still sound asleep. And i had a great nights sleep James. What do you want for breakfast?" "Umm...let me think...hmm...How about some pancakes with golden syrup?" "Well, never thought you'd pick dads favorite! I'll get started" Mum didn't know Nina was awake, watching mum talk to me until she tapped mums shoulder with a claw. "Morning miss" She said. "Oh! You're awake Nina. I guess you heard our little conversati
:iconkeoboost:Keoboost 13 14
A Fateful Encounter (Season 2 Part 2)
WARNING: Contains Dragon/Soft vore (Vorarephilia). If you don't like vore i suggest you leave...NOW.
The dragon was coming close to home when i woke up. "I forgot to ask you, what's your name?" I said. "Ace, whats yours?" He asked. "James" i said as a reply. "Nice name, James" He said. When he reached my home, the two dragons were looking at Ace with confusion. "Hello. Why are you here?" Nina asked. "Oh, James took me in to look after me." He pat his stomach, letting the dragons know James was within him. "James? are you in there?" Drake asked. "Isn't it obvious?!" I shouted. "Whats your name?" Nina asked ace. "Ace" He said cheerfully. "Well, ace. Mind letting James out?" She said. Without reply, Ace regurgitated me up his throat and out onto the floor. The saliva softened my fall. "James? Whats all this 'leaving without us'?" Nina said, staring at me thoughtfully. "Eh, sorry Nina. I just couldn't wake you up after seeing you and Drake sound asleep. I thought it would make you grumpy."
:iconkeoboost:Keoboost 16 8
A Fateful Encounter (Season 2, Part 1)
WARNING: Contains Dragon/Soft vore. (Vorarephilia) If you dont like vore then i suggest you leave...NOW.
Drake took a look at me then back at dad. "The president? And who may that be?" He asked. Dad replied. "Mr silver, Follow me" He said. Drake took me into the palm of his hand and started walking behind my dad, although the strides he took would almost make him go over and past dad, but he knew humans were slow so he stopped each time he overtook dad. We finally arrived to the presidents office as he was walking out. The first thing Silver noticed was the huge dragon and he gaped, starting to shiver with fear. "May i have a talk with you for a moment Mr. President?" Dad said. Silver nodded still gaping, and they both walked into Silvers office. Everyone outside started a huge debate on whether Silver would agree to this idea or not. I let out a sigh. "Drake?" "I know what you're thinking James. Boring. But we cant just disappear while your dad and silver talk now can we?" I sighed, d
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